If you are looking for someone to give you a quick fix to lose weight, that isn’t me. I believe that it takes a truly holistic approach to lose weight and keep it off. To do this, you must ENTER THE WAVE STATE. A state of being where your body, mind and spirit are in balance.  If you have struggled to lose weight, are interested in entering the wave state or if you just want to achieve optimal health and longevity, below are 8 areas that you might want to take a closer look at.

1. Microbiome - Most people are familiar with the Genome or the DNA that make up your body. In recent years more people have become familiar with the term “microbiome.” These are the microbes which live in and on our body. They live on the skin and in your nose but are concentrated very heavily in the digestive tract (the gut). The health of our gut and the presence of certain microbes in certain ratios has been linked to everything from disease prevention to reduced body fat.  

SOLUTION - Gut health is a complicated topic, but start with these 3 tips - One, ensure that you are avoiding/limiting foods which may irritate the digestive system (i.e. gluten, “gums”, alcohol), Two, consume foods such as bone broth and collagen which heal the gut, and Three, consider supplementing with a spore based probiotic.  

2. Personal Hygiene and Beauty Products - You may have heard the saying that everything that goes on your body goes in your body. But how does that relate to weight loss. Toxic substances that enter your body can cause a back up of toxins. Toxins that your body can’t deal with are stored in fat.

SOLUTION - Ensure that you are using natural products and be sure to check the following database to see how your products stack up.

3. Self-Love - The degree to which you love yourself might actually be the most important point in this article. Why? One, because a lack of self love will make it hard for you to make the necessary lifestyle changes. Consciously you may want to make changes in your life but sub-consciously you may be trapped in a a cycle of self-sabotage. Two, the body is a conscious organism and if you don’t love it and care for it do you think that it is going to operate efficiently? It may even begin to attack itself which is a bigger topic in which we can probably draw links to auto-immune disease and cancer. Two states in which the body begins to attack itself and the opposite of the wave state. 

SOLUTION - Write down the things you don’t like about yourself, begin to embrace them. Even your perceived negative qualities are not so bad, your ego just wants you to think they are. You are not your ego.

4. PUFAs - Are a type of fat (Polunsaturated fatty acids) that can have a negative impact on your metabolism. Anything that impacts your metabolic rate is going to make it hard to maintain the proper body weight. This type of fat is present in high amounts in most industrial seed oils (i.e. canola oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, etc.) but is also present in many purported health foods (i.e. nuts, seeds, fish oil supplements).

SOLUTION - Eliminate high levels of PUFA exposure from your diet for a period of 2 weeks. Ensure that you are consuming higher quality fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, ghee and grass-fed butter/cream.  Look for changes in body composition, energy levels and inflammation. 

5. EMF Radiation -  EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) are emitted from cell phones, cell towers, wireless access points, laptops, televisions and pretty much anything that is plugged into an electric outlet.  They are invisible and so many times they are dismissed as not having an impact in your health, but more and more research is proving that they do impact your health in a negative way. How can they not given that the body is an energetic system (see point 8). One such study shows that cell phone use can have a negative impact on your thyroid. The gland that controls your metabolism.  

SOLUTION - A simple test would be the following - turn off your wireless router when you go to sleep at night. Put your cell phone on airplane mode or turn off completely. Chances are your sleep will improve. In addition, there are special devices which you can put on your cell phone or laptop.  For those that live in major cities and/or who travel frequently on airplanes you may even want where a protective necklace to shield you from the impact. Lastly, walking barefoot on grass can help dissipate any excess negative energy built up in the body.

6. Air Quality - Breathing is a form of detoxification.   Unfortunately, most of the air we breathe, both indoor and outdoor is highly contaminated. Recent  studies are even showing that viruses and bacteria are literally falling from the sky. On top of that you have the air indoors which you would think is  better but is often worse when you factor in dust, mold and "off-gassing" from new products. If we are overburdened with toxins from contaminated air, our body is not going to function properly which will hamper weight loss.

SOLUTION - Learn how to breathe properly so that we get better at eliminating toxins. Proper breathing also serves to reduce stress hormones which may play a role in increased body weight.  Invest in a high quality air filter for your home, especially your bedroom. I guarantee you will sleep better. Lastly, get out in nature when you can.

7. Water Quality - Most tap water sources are filled with a variety of contaminants. Don’t believe me, feel free to look up the water quality report in your region. Experts will argue that many of these substances are beneficial for your health (i.e. fluoride and chlorine). Many would argue the opposite, that these substances can act to disrupt key systems in the body - from the gut “microbiome" to the endocrine system and even to your brain function and your ability to access your intuition. 

SOLUTION - Invest in a high quality multi-stage water filter or  drink spring water in glass bottles. 

8. Energetic Blockages -The human body is an energetic system and needs to be viewed as such. On one level we can see the energetic nature of our body by measuring brain waves (EEG) or heart activity (EKG), but on a deeper level we need to look at the invisible flow of energy that moves through the body. Why do you have to clear your throat when you get nervous about speaking? Why does your chest hurt after a break-up? Have you ever “shocked" someone when touching them? This is the energetic nature of the human body that modern medicine and the general population largely dismisses. In other words, you have a physical body and an energy body which are intimately linked. Blockages in the human energy system can throw the physical body out of balance.

SOLUTION - A simple way to balance the body energetically is through movement. Activities such as yoga, tai chi, qigong and dance can be extremely helpful. Guided meditation and sound meditation can also be beneficial.  Working with real energy healers can also be helpful. Hint: These people are rare and most are word of mouth.