One of the most common things I tell people is that they should spend more time resting. Quite simply, spend more time doing nothing. Most of their life is spent doing. Doing is exhausting for the body and mind. Most people know when they are overdoing it, but very few take the time to rest. At some point though your body says enough is enough and you may get sick. This forces you to rest. Most of the time this comes in the form of a cold, but sometimes in dramatic cases it can lead to a more serious illness.

Why is it so hard to do nothing?

The strangest thing about a do-nothing approach is that it sounds so simple, yet it is quite difficult. It is not like I am asking you to actually do something. I am asking you to do nothing. But I guess in a way nothing is something. And for people who are so caught up in doing this is REALLY difficult. The longer you have been caught up in doing, the faster you are going, the harder it will be to slow down.  Many people are feeling the call to slow down though and in recent years there has been a massive shift. People are mediating and doing yoga and being mindful and doing all sorts of things. All a great start, and while you may start to see an impact, it just becomes another game of doing. If you find your meditation or yoga or whatever practice you are doing has stalled, then consider that you have sabotaged your practice and turned it into another form of doing. 

What does it mean to do-nothing?

When was the last time you just sat down on the couch and did nothing. No phone, no tv, no computer, no book, no music, no snacks, etc.  Try that. Doesn’t have to be long. Even 5 minutes is a good start. You can open your eyes or close your eyes, whatever. Sit there with no goal except to be still and be silent. And if you get fidgety, fine, don’t judge it.  If you fall asleep, fine, you probably needed it. Chances are if you haven’t done this before it will be really hard. Start small and work your way up. Take 5 minutes every day to do no-thing. It might be the most powerful thing you can do for your health. 

What happens when I learn to do-nothing?

When you learn to do-nothing, when you learn to be still,  when you learn to hear and feel the silence, something else has showed up in you. It was always there, you just couldn’t sense it. But now that you can sense it, it will stay with you, even when you have to go to work and go to meetings and commute to work and take care of your kids, etc.  A sense of peace has become consciously aware within you. The more you can become aware of it, the more powerful it becomes. The more powerful it becomes, the more powerful you become. Not in an ego-centric way but in a way that your body and mind and spirt are working together to propel you through life. What happens when you don’t work together in a group? Every step is a struggle, it takes longer, it isn’t fun, you often lose your creative sense, you may get the job done but the result will often be sub-optimal. 

You can’t ride the WAVE until you learn to do-nothing. ENTER THE WAVE STATE