The Wave State was founded by Steve Macari.  Steve is a New York based C.H.E.K certified holistic health practitioner – specializing in implementing nutrition and holistic lifestyle programs that help people enter the wave state. He creates customized programs for people of all ages, counting everyone from Wall Street professionals to athletes, actors preparing for film roles and new mothers as clients.Steve has trained in a number of different areas, but is most proud of his training with PAUL CHEK, a world renowned expert in the area of nutrition and holistic health.  Prior to founding The Wave State Steve was the founder of SLVRBK and designer of the SLVRBK EXERCISE MAT. Steve spent several years as nutritional consultant for DRIVE 495. Steve is also a regular contributor for HARPERS BAZAAR and a variety of other health and wellness publications.  Steven holds an MBA in Finance and was Vice President at an Investment Management firm for nine years prior to finding his passion in the practices of holistic health, nutrition and fitness. Steve is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.  

Photo by: Kerry Pieri Location: (42.287951, 18.853226)

Photo by: Kerry Pieri
Location: (42.287951, 18.853226)