Have you ever had a day when everything seems to just fall into place, everything seems to flow? Your STATE of being on these days might go something like this: You wake up energized and excited to start your day, you feel like you have a new outfit on, even if you don’t. You walk down the street and people smile at you, waiting in line to get coffee is enjoyable, you walk into the office and you are prepared for anything. You feel creative and inspired. When the challenges do come, you handle them in a cool and collected way. When you have to make decisions you are able to do so confidently. In meetings and discussions you are able to express yourself clearly and powerfully without judging or attacking other people. Your lunch satisfies you and energizes you throughout the afternoon. Your body seems to move freely and effortlessly as you walk around. You are focused and strong during your workouts and your breathing is automatic and deep.  Your relationship with friends and loved ones feels loving, supportive and fun. You feel like you are doing what you came here to do, like you are part of something bigger than yourself.  You have random encounters with people who want to help you. You feel like you have amazing control over our life. You are able to shut your mind down at night and get lost in a book. Your head hits the pillow and you are off into the dream world.

And you wake up the next day and feel tired, stiff, anxious and unmotivated. Everyone you encounter is against you, in fact, the universe itself is against you. This is the dichotomy that is life. It has been recognized by many great thinkers through human existence and probably by each person reading this.

I was always interested in health on some level and wondered why some days I was in a good STATE and other days I was in a bad STATE.  Over the course of the last 7 years, I think I've figured it out. During this time I first transformed my own health and then began teaching others how to put the pieces together. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people—business men and women, celebrities, professional athletes, new moms, children, current and former military. Along the way, I have gained an even deeper understanding of what people need to do to spend as much time as possible in the STATE I described at the start of this article and the STATE I was able to achieve. I have given a name to this state—THE WAVE STATE™


 Before I tell you the secret to entering the wave state, it might help to learn a little about my own story. Your story will not be the same, but there are some things you might be able to draw inspiration from.


I spent several years as a network engineer building computer networks. I learned about the role technology plays in linking our world together. I also learned to think outside of the box when solving problems related to computers, because the protocol you used to fix a problem one day would need to be adjusted the next. I learned how the more connected you are to technology the more disconnected you can become from everything else. I spent an even greater number of years helping corporations manage currency risk. During this period I completed an MBA in Finance. I learned how money flows throughout the world and how the push of a button by a person sitting on a trading floor in NYC can do something that alters the life of a small family in a country very far away. I learned that having money can make some things easier, but how being motivated purely by money can lead you away from true health. It can do this in a very powerful way. I am also really good at MS Excel. I learned about the stressors associated with being able to live, work and play in arguably greatest city in the world, New York City.

By the time I reached 25 my career was in full swing. I made more money than I ever thought I would make, I worked at one of the biggest investment management firms in the world and my ego was running the show. When I met new people one of the first questions I asked was where they worked (not how they were doing). It was right around this time that I first learned to surf. Surfing came to me at a time when I desperately needed some serious grounding. It forced me to slow down, to be in the present, to get out of my head, and it showed me how to get in tune with the natural flow of life (even if for only a few hours on the weekend). If you weren’t in the right STATE when you paddled out into the water you were not going to catch any waves and if you disrespected the ocean it would show you who was in charge. There was one particular lesson I received in the water, which altered the course of my life.


It was a cold Saturday morning in early December on Long Island. My friend and I got into our wetsuits, put on our booties and gloves and paddled out. I remember feeling particularly anxious that morning (usually this goes away when you get in the water, but this time it didn’t). This eventually turned to anger when I paddled for wave after wave but failed to catch any. I sat there and tried to calm down, but I couldn’t. I watched as my friend paddled in and rode every wave he went for— effortlessly, at ease in the ocean. He seemed to be connected to something that I couldn’t see. He was in a completely different STATE. Eventually, the perfect wave came right to me—I was getting a chance to enter this STATE. I paddled in, rode it for a few seconds, but then lost focus and wiped out. I got tossed around under  water and popped up—to find my surfboard hitting me right in the face. I was pretty numb from the cold, so I didn’t think anything of it. I jumped on my board and paddled back out. My friend took one look at me, saw the gash on my cheek, tried not to look too worried and said we should paddle in. After applying a makeshift bandage to my face, I went to the hospital for stitches. I was sore and bruised for a few days but didn’t think anything of it. I had stitches before, no big deal.  About a week later, I developed a severe infection, which required a heavy dose of antibiotics. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the start of a long road. It was the event that would bring about a seemingly permanent negative shift in my STATE.



This silent fim was shot of me and a few friends on a Super 8mm camera around the same time period as the accident.

The human body is extremely resilient and can handle a lot of stress and abuse without breaking down. When people are in a high stress STATE, often there is a single event which can push them overboard— it can be a divorce, the loss of a loved one, a career change, an illness, accident or injury. These usually lead to changes in the body and mind. Often, these changes are chalked up to aging. Things like joint pain, back pain, frequent headaches, changes in skin quality, hair loss, accelerated aging, feeling achy when moving, chronic fatigue, unhealthy body weight, heartburn, digestive issues, low libido, poor sleep quality, lack of zest for life, anxiety and depression—to name a few. It should be obvious, but to many it’s not— these changes are not normal. They are a sign that your body is out of balance, they are a sign that you are not in the right STATE. In the years following this surfing accident my health slowly declined on every level. I spent several years in the wrong STATE. I experienced many changes in my body and in my mind. I was completely disconnected from my spirit. I thought this was all normal. I was approaching 30, I wasn’t supposed to feel as good as I used to.




I was forced to re-evaluate my life on all levels.  I decided it was time to “fix” myself, it was time to change my STATE.  My body felt off on many levels, my mind was filled with negativity and I had no sense of purpose in life.  My former company was in the process of folding and I would be out of a job. Initially, I sought the help of a medical doctor.  After a battery of blood tests and several specialists, I was told that I was fine. This really just meant I had no clearly definable “dis-ease”. What’s funny is that I was not at “ease” on any level. Like many, I thought I could find answers on the Internet. In doing so, I was led down the rabbit hole of online health information. I thrust myself into some extreme diets and exercise programs and an all-together very dogmatic and narrow minded view of health. I thought this “superfood” or that supplement or this guru or that book or this “cleanse” or that retreat or avoiding one food and eating a lot of another would “fix” me. I was very deep down the rabbit hole. In fact, I was going down a different rabbit hole each week in search of answers. I felt only marginally better following this approach.

Through a series of synchronistic events, I met and later trained with a variety of people who helped me understand some truths about health. I realized there is no one size fits all approach to health and that there are various layers that you need to address if you want to be truly healthy. We each have a mind, a body and a spirit and these are individual to each of us. You must address each of these areas and you must address the intimate connection between them if you want to achieve the STATE I described above.

I used this approach to get healthy and to change my STATE of being.  Eventually, I was spending more and more time in the STATE described at the start of this article. It took time and was not easy, but it worked. What I also learned was that there is no finish line, it is a process and you will need to make adjustments throughout your life. The key is realizing how to get back in balance and get back in this STATE when you are out of it. I used this approach to fix myself and I wanted to help others. I began spreading my message by working with clients, writing, speaking and starting this website.


THE WAVE STATE™ is a state of being. When you are in THE WAVE STATE™, your mind, body and spirit are in harmony—life just flows. Everything in life is a wave— light, energy, sound and vibration. At the quantum level, consciousness or our perceived reality is believed by many to be a waveform. Your body moves in waves, your heart produces waves of energy, you have brain waves, the world is connected through invisible waves of energy—both technologically speaking and metaphysically speaking.


Life moves in waves, but it is also like riding a wave, in that your mind needs to be clear, focused and quiet. Your body needs to be loose and balanced. You need a sense of intuition and connection with nature. Many people lead a very unbalanced and volatile life, which requires them to ride big waves each and every day. Big waves are not easy to ride, even for those that train to ride them. You were not built to ride big waves regularly; you were built to ride small, fun waves. If you change your STATE of being, you can ride small, fun waves all the time (or most of the time).  The big waves may still come, but when they do, you will be ready for them.