THE WAVE STATE is a state of being, when you are in the wave state your mind and body are balanced and life just flows. On this page you have 17 steps which you can use to change your state of being and move towards THE WAVE STATE. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy levels, improve mental clarity, slow the aging process, support a healthy pregnancy or any other goal, all of the sections below will play a role.  If you would like personalized guidance our founder Steve Macari offers a limited number of private consults.


Eat balanced meals that include Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. Ideal food chooses below.

Eggs, fish, shellfish, chicken, fatty cuts of beef, bone broth, milk (if tolerated), cheese, strained yogurt, cottage cheese (additive free), gelatin powder, BCAA's, pea protein (non-gmo)

Emphasize coconut oil, olive oil, MCT Oil; in moderate amounts butter, ghee, dark chocolate and cream; in lesser amounts avocado and nuts

Fruit, fruit juice, white rice, raw honey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, pumpkin, parsnips

Beets, carrots, artichoke, arugula, dandelion, spinach, romaine, cucumber, celery, tomato, peppers, zucchini

Sea salt, herbs and spices

SPECIAL FOODS (Consume occasionally)
Dark Chocolate (no soy), Ice Cream (no gums), Potato Chips (cooked in coconut oil)

Can be found HERE

~ Consume only as much food as you need, especially with regard to animal protein.  You might note that there are times of the year when you need more animal proteins and times when you need less.

~ Those who have restrictions with animal products will do okay on this program if they are able to consume eggs, dairy, broths and occasional shellfish.


PUFAs (any oils outside coconut oil and olive oil - i.e. canola, corn, soybean, vegetable), soy protein, soy milk, soy lecithin, carageenan, guar gum, other "gums", soda, diet soda, aspartame, splenda, MSG, nitrates/nitrites, commercially raised animal products, non-organic fruits and vegetables.

Bread, cereal, pasta, pizza, processed gluten-free products (breads, pastas, cereals), energy bars, cold cuts.

Some people can get away with the 80/20 rule  and consume these foods on occasion, others will need to avoid them completely.  If you feel tired and sluggish after that bowl of pasta you should probably not be eating it. Avoid overeating any and all foods, even those on the WHAT TO EAT list above. 


Source the highest quality food you can find. Look for these words or some combination of them - Organic, biodynamic, grass-fed, free-range, pasture-raised, wild.


As as starting point, make sure that you are eating balanced meals that contain PROTEIN, FAT, CARBS, VEGETABLES. Over time you will learn what your body needs more of. If you crave sugar, you probably need more carb, if your hair starts falling out you probably need more protein. If you crave salt you probably need more salt and mineral rich foods. The point is to stop counting calories and just start eating balanced and nutrient dense meals. In addition, on busy days you will need more food, activity of any kind (physical and mental) requires lots of fuel, on sedentary/relaxing days you will require less food. Learn to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.


Most people do best with three square meals a day and 2-3 snacks. Some people can do okay with morning coffee/tea with a fat such as MCT Oil, coconut oil or butter mixed in and an orange or other piece of fruit. Lunch at noon is a good idea on these days.


Mineral water in glass bottles, filtered water with no fluoride or chlorine, coconut water, organic coffee/espresso, cucumber juice, celery juice, fresh fruit juice, tea. If your urine is clear you are over hydrated, if you are urinating more than 4-5 times a day chances are you have a metabolic imbalance. That should normalize as your body rebalances.


Eating the foods above should help your digestion. Even more important is to chew your food until it is liquid (20x per bite) and eat mindfully. Think about the smell, taste and texture of your food. Think about where your food came from. That stem from your apple once connected it to a tree which was connected to the earth and now it is becoming part of you. Deep, I know, but it is the truth. Cook your food when possible, it helps stimulate your digestive juices. You can hunt or pick your food as well, even better. Eat a RAW CARROT SALAD each day, it is the best form of fiber there is and will reduce endotoxin absorption (these toxins, that are produced internally, are common when your digestive system is not working properly).


Following the tips on this page will likely improve your hormonal balance. It can take time for this to occur, stick with it. When I say hormones I mean a few different groups of hormones that all interact - Thyroid Hormones (your metabolism), stress hormones (cortisol, adrenalin), reproductive hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone) and pancreatic hormones (Insulin). You will need to do all of the things on this page to support your hormonal system, but the three points below will go a long way -

One - Eat balanced meals throughout the day (pay special attention to carbohydrates)
Two - Eat a RAW CARROT SALAD as a snack each day
Three - Learn how to manage stress per below (section XI)


Exercise is great, but moving is even better. Move as often as you can. Walking might be more beneficial than a workout. If you need to psych yourself up to go to the gym, you would be better served going home to relax and cook a nice meal for yourself. Exercise is form of stress and most people are running on fumes. As a general guideline I say this - Lift weights once a week, run or ride a bike once a week, play a sport or do yoga/pilates once a week, walk daily. This will ensure variety and balance in your body and mind.


Learning how to breath is of critical importance. Breathing is involved in every process in the body. Several times throughout the day, become aware of your breath, even for a few minutes. Once or twice a day practice breathing. Lie on your back, put a book with some weight on your stomach. Inhale and feel the book rise as your belly fills with air. Exhale and feel the book fall. Pause in between breaths. Repeat 15x. You should also consider investing in a HEPA air filter for your home. Air indoors is often more toxic than air outdoors. Get out in nature when you can to breath fresh air.


Incorporate some form of stress management each day, it doesn't matter what kind of activity as long as you like it and you do it daily - Yoga, Meditation, Tai chi, Qigonq, Nature, Birding, Painting, drawing, music, journaling, etc. Shoot for a minimum of 15 minutes per day of the activity of your choosing. It is impossible to remove all stress from life and that is not the goal, learn how to manage it. Ultimately, what this will turn into is your spiritual practice and in doing so you will become more balanced physically and mentally. Read this ARTICLE for more info.


Sleep is the most powerful thing you can do for you health. Sleep 7-8 hours per night. This is easier said than done. To optimize sleep you will need to balance your body, that will require most of the things on this page. Start by developing a wind down routine before bed, 1 hour or more. Limit electronics of all kinds. Consider investing in blue light blocking GLASSES. Make sure your bedroom is a sanctuary for sleep and sex. Make the room as dark as possible, unplug any devices besides an air filter (if you have one), put your phone on airplane mode if you need an alarm. Consider taking magnesium before bed and/or a hot bath or shower. Many people also sleep better with socks on, especially in the winter. Many also benefit from a snack 30 minutes before bed, either a piece of fruit or a cup of bone broth.


Reduce your exposure to toxins and ensure that you body is dealing with toxins properly. Avoid non-organic food, make sure your personal hygiene and beauty products are clean. Check the SKIN DEEP database to investigate your products and check out our RESOURCES page for solid brands. Women should remove makeup when they get home, not when they go to bed and avoid using when they don't have to, i.e. the weekend. Going to the bathroom daily, sweating regularly, breathing deeply, moving, colonics/enemas, limiting alcohol, glycine rich protein (broth, gelatin), beets, egg yolks, artichoke and raw carrots all support optimal detoxification. 


Visit the farmers market 1 or more times per week. FIND FARMERS who grow organic or biodynamic. Some farmers can't afford the organic certifications so you will need to ask them. Go to the grocery store as well for items that you can't get at the farmers market. Chances are you should not need many things in the center of the grocery store (they are usually processed) stick to the perimeter (rice, olive oil, coconut oil are probably exceptions).  Other products you can order online. Get a schedule with shopping and you are more likely to do it, i.e.  farmers market on saturday, grocery store on wednesday, order online once a month. Consider starting your own garden or housing your own chickens if you have the space. Below is a sample of what you might source from different locations. Check our RESOURCES page for online food sourcing options.

FARMERS MARKET - Eggs, carrots, beets, potatoes, beef, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, butter, raw  honey, bones/broth, herbs/spices can be found year round. Fruit will be available seasonally depending on your locations. More greens and fruit-like vegetables will be available seasonally as well.

GROCERY STORE - White Rice, Non-seasonal vegetables and fruit, frozen fruit, milk, cheese, canned fish, coconut oil, olive oil.

ONLINE - Coconut oil, Olive Oil, frozen meat, Sea Salt, Supplements


No single supplement is going to fix you. Most store bought supplements are low quality and loaded with toxic substances. That being said, the following supplements from the right source and in the right amounts might beneficial - MegaSpore Probiotic, Magnesium Glycinate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B6 P5P, Antimicrobial and Aspirin. Please CONTACT us for details on purchasing MegaSpore Probiotic and check back for details on THE WAVE RESET - our 21 day program, which will include a variety of custom supplements.


After working with people for a while I learned that even if people know what to eat, if they don't source high quality food (See XIV) and learn how to prepare it they are not going to stick with the program. Learning how to cook a variety of healthy meals is very important.  You don't need to be a top chef, but you should know the basics. When you don't know how to cook or are intimidated by it, this leads to ordering out, snacking and/or not eating. Cooking delicious and healthy meals can be simple if you know a few tricks. I generally recommend rotating the foods you eat, maybe this was similar to when you were a kid - chicken night, beef night, fish night, vegetarian night, etc. If you don't have time to cook every night that is okay, even a few nights a week will point you in the right direction. Check out some great recipes HERE.


Regular blood testing and DNA testing can be a great way to find out what is going on in your body and in your genes and to customize your program and lifestyle accordingly.  Ask your doctor to run the following tests or depending on where you live you may be able to order them yourself.

Metabolic Panel, CBC, Fasting Insulin, Uric Acid, NMR Lipoprofile, Lipid Panel, TSH, Total T3, Free T3, Thyroid Antibodies ATA and TPO, Homocysteine, B12 and Folate, Vitamin D, Prolactin.

Can be ordered via or via your doctor.