There are very few periods during a typical year where people are willing to make health changes and get on some sort of program. It is quite remarkable how small the window really is.

  • From January to February you get all the new years resolutions and maybe some people looking to get in shape for a winter trip to the caribbean or something where they need to shed the winter coat. Then the motivation wanes.

  • Then pre-summer you get people looking to get the summer beach bod.

  • Then people want to "enjoy" the summer so they start jumping ship - eating, drinking, partying, etc. 

  • Then people go back to work/school right about now and they are in a haze for most of the next month, miserable to be back at work and not near the beach, etc.

  • Then they get motivated for a minute to feel better and maybe in early October they decide to make some health changes. 

  • Then the holidays come starting in late November and then the holiday parties and other excuses and the year is over and the cycle repeats (although the cycle doesn't have to repeat, if you read on)

I used to structure my life and schedule around this, knowing when things were going to get busier, but then I realized the type of client I was attracting during these periods was not really interested in making lasting health changes. They were looking for quick fixes, looking for patches that enable them to ride this erratic wave that most call life (although this is more like wiping out to me than riding a wave). I am NOT interested in quick fixes. I am interested in changing your health and your LIFE, permanently. I want you to enter a state of being where life has a sense of FLOW. What I described above is not flow, it is OBSTRUCTION. You will learn to ride a wave but it is different than the one you are on. This is the primary focus of my WAVE RESET program.

A 3 month program where you will RESET your health on all levels. Where you will look and feel great all year. It will not be easy and it may actually be hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will enter an entire new state of being, one which I call the WAVE STATE.  More info about the wave reset can be found below.