You don't need a costume this halloween. You are already wearing one. It is an elaborate costume, one that you have been working on for years and one that requires quite a bit of effort to maintain.  You are constantly thinking about it - How does it look? What do other people think of it? And you are constantly comparing it to other peoples costumes. On one level you want to find people with similar costumes to hang out with and on another level you want to be better than those very people. You want to have the BEST costume. And you really want to be better than people who wear completely different kinds of costumes. You can’t imagine that they would even wear such things and you are very judgmental of them. Sometimes when they walk in the room you can’t even stand the sight of them. Other times you openly ridicule people who wear different kinds of costumes.  The worst thing that can happen though is when people question your costume. Imagine someone questioning something that you put so much effort to maintain.  Oh boy, you don’t like that, you will get very defensive and all sorts of strong emotions will ensue - hate, anger, resentment, pain, depression etc. While some people will speak out when their costume is called into question, others will retreat. They may abandon the parts that were called into question and/or they make make some tweaks in an effort to "perfect" their costume. Did you know that on the extreme end, people have killed, tortured and enslaved people based on their costumes. These costumes are just so powerful and they have a way of consuming you.  In some ways you are an actor in a staged production, but you don’t know you are on a stage and you don’t know you are wearing a costume. Your costume has consumed you. Your role has consumed you. Kind of like an actor who has gone “method”. There is no distinction between “you” and the role you are playing and further, your emotions -  which are derived entirely from the costume -  define you.

So what to do? If you like wearing your costume -  great, enjoy, have fun, enjoy the ride. Not everyone is supposed to mess with their costume. It fits them, they like it, others like it. Great.  More people though are starting to feel uneasy in their costumes. They may even have a faint idea that there is something under the costume.  These are the people I want to talk to. I have a simple exercise for you which can help you learn all about the costume building process. But you have to be ready. You see if I try to talk to people about their costume and they aren't ready, it won't go well. I have tried that.  

In THE WAVE STATE you can wear any kind of costume you want but you know the costume isn't YOU.